Wednesday, May 8, 2013


After living in the Kingman area for nearly a decade, we have decided to move to Memphis.  I was given the opportunity to accept a position as an IT Director for a school district located in the Memphis area.  Although the Kingman area has been good to us.  While here, we have added three kids to our family and had the opportunity to grow individually.  We will also be leaving a home that Grandpa and I built, in which we have been very comfortable.

During my time with Kingman Unified School District #20, I have advanced my career from being a Computer Tech I, to Computer Tech II, to Network Administrator, to IT Director.  I have dedicated more than a quarter of my life to Kingman Unified, and it was a difficult decision to leave.  However, I am confident that the district is in good hands, as the remainder of the KUSD IT Department will carry on, and I can't think of a better group of people to carry on the mission of providing the best technical support to educational process for any school district anywhere.  I am also confident that the administration and school board of KUSD is working for the best interest of all students, and they have the district headed in a positive direction.  I am a little disappointed that I will not still be with KUSD as it continues to develop into a model district for the state of Arizona.

We have had excellent friends move on to California, Nebraska and other places for better opportunities while we stayed, and we will now be leaving some wonderful friends behind.  But, we feel that it is now time for the Mobley family to call Memphis home.


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