Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AZ Boycott

I am tired of hearing about boycotting Arizona. If you are so concerned about the illegals, bring a bus and take a load home with you. Otherwise, we'll hold 'em and put 'em on an ICE bus headed south. The feds and state carve out about 30% of my paychecks for income taxes. It would be great if some of that goes towards educating my own children and enforcing the laws to protect them.

If you're determined to carry on with the boycott, you should probably check the device with which you are reading this. If it says Intel anywhere on it (including all Macs less than 6 years old), you should turn it off now. Intel has a large facility in Chandler, AZ.

Arizona also provides about 60% of new US copper. So, it may be tough to use any electrical devices without providing some support to Arizona. Even if you purchase devices made using other copper, you still have to charge it. There is AZ copper upstream both with the Internet and the electrical grid (especially in California where SoCal Edison purchases excess AZ electricity to sell to customers in CA).

Since it is nearly impossible to connect to the Internet without bits traveling across AZ copper in a patch cord or circuit board, I'll take it as ending your boycott when you log back in.

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  1. I Totality agree you Go get`em, give them what for