Friday, March 19, 2010

"Camping" for Lexi's Birthday

We are going "camping" today for Lexi's Birthday.  We're not actually going to be sleeping out in tents, but we did rent a cabin in a mountain park.  It's still a little early in the year to be camping outside at that high of an elevation.  Regardless, we'll take pictures, and I'll do my best to post some of them when we get back.

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  1. Brandon,
    It's been quite some time since we've last spoke.
    The kids are really growing fast. Congratulations is in keeps growing.
    Talked to Shay today and she told me about Brian Snyder which was such a shock. and she told me about this web-site.:)
    I loved looking at the pictures and the videos. Great job on your web-site.
    The kids are so beautiful. The Lord has blessed you and Cassie.
    Stay warm up in those Mountains...have a blessed trip.

    Love, Vernon