Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cass's Hair Cut

Cass decided to get her hair cut this morning. She had more than 10 inches of har cut off, so she is going to donate the hair to Locks of Love.




  1. HELLO!! I know I don't get on the family site very often but I do like to see what you have added. sooooo.....
    1-Whatdoyou mean "Cassie cut her hair?!?!" But it was a good cause to sent it to.
    2-Sorry to hear about the Lincoln but I am sure you can fix it! (Or pay to) with the old tranny.
    3-Loved the last video from VBS - please add more.
    4-Miss you guys but I'll be somewhere in the area around Nov 17 or 18.
    LOVE - Nanna
    PS - I climbed the Rock Wall and rang the bell on the Royal Caribbean ship and I went kyaking in Bar Harbour Maine! Another great Freeman Advantage trip done - all 85 peeps delivered back home safely. (It's my job - really....)

  2. Hi Again –
    It was very interesting reading about the return of Lovenox. To add to some of the family history, which may or may not be relevant, both direct grandmothers had great difficulty with carrying to full term most of their pregnancies and both had several miscarriages. I believe both, G’ma Timi and G’ma McQuade each had a good first pregnancy and problems there-after. My only issue, (Cassies Mother), was with the RH negative factor.

    Brandon thanks for investigating all that. We all knew something was wrong when Cass was pregnant but it was hard to put a label on it. Believe me, no normal woman really wants to go through all you guys went through especially when she was carrying Lexi. Thank God for advances in medicine and good Docs who really listen to their patients.

    Many prayers and blessings for a good future 6 months and the next little Mobley to be healthy.

    I love you all.

  3. I'm sad I couldn't come down to do it for you I've been so busy and stressed out.... I love you! Sorry to hear the news about your baby. If you need anything I'm here!