Friday, March 14, 2008


3-14-2008 - For those that knew our dog Jack, today was kind of a sad day. After having Jack for about 5 years, Jack had to be put down today. We got Jack after a tornado went through Carl Junction, Missouri in 2003. Someone found Jack but were unable to locate his previous owners. So, Cass volunteered to adopt Jack. Jack has recently been growing less tolerant of the kids. Lexi is fine, but Jack bit her today. He scratched her nose but nothing deep. We've made sure to keep her around Levi and Scruffy to hopefully make sure that she doesn't become terrified of all dogs. We've been considering finding a new home for Jack. After this incident, however, we could not in good conscience give Jack to someone else where he might bite someone else. So, here's to the only dog that I have ever seen play fetch with himself, Jack.

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